About City Market

Late Summer at the Farm

City Market is proud to be purveyors of locally grown, community crafted products and organic farm and garden supplies. Along with fresh produce from Greys Reach, we feature a little bit of everything from jams, jellies, relishes, honey, coffee, tea, artisan baked goods, meats, eggs, cheeses, and craft beer and wine. The majority of our products are made or grown within a 90 mile radius.


The Farmers 

Bobby and Layla

Bobby and Layla Rogers are native Henderson County residents and have a deep love and respect for the mountains of Western North Carolina and its farm industry.  Each of their families have a long history of farming,  so growing fresh produce has always been a part of their lives.  With 25 years of experience in the culinary industry, they had a dream of opening a restaurant that specializes in fresh local produce, meats and dairy. In 2006, Bobby and Layla bought 18 acres in the Crab Creek Valley, named it Greys Reach Farms and became farmers on a much bigger scale. So began, the realization of their dreams. The farm proved so successful that they needed a set place to sell their fresh produce.  City Market was the answer!

Farming Philosophy

Bobby and Layla’s current mentality is “beyond organic”, meaning their primary concern at the farm is the health and well-being of the soil. The quality plants and produce that come is actually a byproduct of their philosophy.

Local is key. For too long the conventional farm community has been headed in the wrong direction. Bigger is rarely better when talking about food or agriculture. Mainstream gene pool farming and genetically modified farming is like replacing God with an earthbound chemical company. No thanks!

Bobby and Layla love all things edible and are firm believers that natural influences, in one way or another, help to develop the individual flavors and characteristics of the foods we eat as much as it affects the difference in clover honey or sourwood.

Farm Practice

Greys Reach Farms is a  low impact row farm  covering about 7 acres of the property. The other 11 acres of the farm will, in the future, be used for forestry products, wildlife and limited livestock. Currently, some of the  forest is being used for wild mushroom cultivation with plans to enlarge that as time permits.

Greys Reach Farms utilizes the following:

Crop rotation, drip irrigation, leaf compost, straw/leaf/plastic mulches, erosion control buffers, compost, row covers, flame weeding techniques, OMRI approved copper/sulpher/BT (not for preventative- only for corrective measures on a very limited basis), fish emulsion/seaweed extracts, horse & chicken manure, worm castings and compost teas, Steiner/Pfeiffer biodynamic preps, support Seed Savers Exchange, members of ASAP, member of Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association.